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CHANCE 2000 +

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Chance 2000 + plus is about this years “Election Circus” – Wahlkampfzirkus in Germany and about how to give voice and empower, co-create, and com to new ways and means of dialogue and deliberations, another dialogue and decision culture leading towards common and shared positive ends.
The Election Circus takes place in Germany and Europe this year, but the

Maybe start at CHANCE 2000 as in began more than ten years ago, what were “FORERUNNERS” with Chancen 2000 in the early 90ies, and how to learn to speak up ! but also to listen, empower, co-create and come shared and wanted actions that matter towards agreed upond positive ends…
maybe start here at:
and / or


Chance 2000 +

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reinvent and question yourself, invite “other” views, share – merge – morph and come to lasting joint actions that matter !
another dialog, deliberation, and decision culture and good governace is jsut one further step on the way or “paradigm” towards transdcending boxes and moving fixed “grids” towards commond grounds, patterns and fields.. maybe start with meta-paradigms, a cognitive panorama or an embodied covenant… on your way…

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